Saturday, July 16, 2011

Sprinkler Fun!

So we have now had 2 nice days in a row...I could get used to this!  Yesterday we went to discovery canyon and the boys LOVED it!  WAY better than last year!  And today after the boys woke up from their nap we had some friends over and set up the sprinkler...they couldn't get enough!

The only picture I have with all three of the boys in it!

I think this was the only time that Venice went through...she was not a fan!

Matthew and Nathan making a plan

Nater running, running, running! (and Lucas giving me a dirty look! ha)

Future football player...


Nathan LOVED running through the sprinkler, seriously he could not get enough!

Matthew having some fun!


Giselle not quite sure about it...she did warm-up to it after awhile though!

Nathan James

Luc ended up stepping into some mud and did not like it AT ALL!  It took him quite awhile to get back into it after that!

My Matthew

Baby down!

Matty Bear

Happy Nathan

Lucas and another one of his "looks"

Carwash time!

Hopefully it is nice enough out again tomorrow to do it all over!

Also if you have never visited my other blog now is the perfect time...2 more followers and I am going to do a giveaway!

1 comment:

Tim and Darcy said...

Oh man does it look like they had fun. They are looking so old now...growing up way too fast :(

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