Saturday, July 23, 2011

Our Holidays?!?!?

On Thursday morning we woke the fellas up at 4:55am (after about an hour and a half of sleep for John and I) and were on the road by 5:00.  We were heading down to Whitefish with some wonderful friends of ours...we had been excited for weeks!
Here are the fellas ready to head out!

 The drive had been going really well.  We decided to stop in Sparwood for a little bit of a run around and visit the biggest truck in the world!

The boys in one of the wheels.

Me and my 4 boys!

Running under the truck...I think they look super similar in this picture!

Running to hug Daddy

The Super cute Roys

We loaded the boys back up and drove the rest of the way.  They got a little fussy towards the end but we would consider it a good drive down.

That's when things turned right around...for the worse.  The boys were the fussiest they have EVER been, like seriously EVER...and all three of them.  We could not keep them happy no matter what we tried.  We went and got groceries...the boys fussed the ENTIRE time.  They did calm down for about ten minutes when we let them play in the front seat of the vehicle..but then turned the attitude up ten times when we put them back in their carseats.  When we got back to the campground we went to the petting zoo, which the boys LOVED, but when we put them back in the wagon to head back they FLIPPED, they were throwing absolute fits, and one of them even flipped himself out of the belt, and almost got right out of the wagon.  We tried to entertain the boys in the trailer, but we were unsuccessful. 

It was now about 6:00 (about 4.5 hours after we had arrived) and we decided to load them up and head home.  It may sound like we gave up too soon, but we just didn't see this situation turning itself around.  We were beyond disappointed to not be able to spend our weekend with the Roys, but we knew this was what we had to do. 

Good news - they gave us back all our money
Bad news -  The drive home was BRUTAL.  The boys barely slept, and it felt like even when they were asleep they were whining.  (and we in no way blame the boys for being fussy for the car ride home...if it were socially acceptable I am sure John and I would have been doing the same).
Good news - they let us bring our beer back over the border duty free even though we were not even in the states long enough to have a liquor exemption.
Bad news - the drive home was longer than expected due to construction (which as far as we could see was not even happening)
Good news - we got home at about 1:00, the boys fell fast asleep the second they were in their beds and didn't wake up until 10:00 am, then napped from 12:00-4:00, and still went to bed at 7:00 and fell asleep within minutes.  I pretty much slept the exact same times as they did :)

We know that we made the right choice in coming home but are missing our time with the Roys :(  The boys are just at a tough age right now.  The campground would be AWESOME for kids...just not for triplet toddlers!  I can see us going back when the boys are older.

Here is one last picture...this was Matty on part of the drive home, he wrapped himself right up in his blanket!


Twin Engines said...

Ugh, so sorry. They turn two soon, right? It's like a flip switches or something. Hang in there.

Amy and Andrew said...

Maybe next year!

Christa said...

Oh no! I'm just catching up on your blog and I'm guessing this is what you are probably referring to when you say it doesn't get easier??!! Good for you for recognizing the need to pack up and go home... I'm so stubborn I probably would've made everyone stay there miserably ;)

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