Friday, November 5, 2010

Boys and their Brooms!

So the other day when Grammy was trying to get some sweeping done, this happened...

 So it turns out that the boys are not just obsessed with the vacuum but cleaning supplies in general! 
This morning the Happy Friday Fairy had left this on our steps...
Matthew ready to get swiffering 
 Nate with the broom
 Lucas with the mop!
 They were quite proud of their new cleaning tools!
 And even though there were three floor cleaning items, they still managed to want the same one at times!
 A successfull trade!
 Everyone working away
 He didn't even have time to get his hair done because he was so busy cleaning!
 Sooooo busy!
 He has obviously seen me use the hardwood cleaner, you have to get your back into that thing!!
The best part about this swiffer is that it actually should have seen it at the end of the day!


Tim and Darcy said...

This is so cute....and hopefully those boys continue to love cleaning! ;)

Christie said...

HAHAH Too funny Stace! Do they take after their daddy or what? I can picture Johnny right in there fighting over the swiffer!

Ali said...

This is awesome! Hopefully they keep it up, with the three of them, you're going to have the cleanest house!
One less thing for you!

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