Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Grubby Groceries!

I recently found out that the Sobey's has carts that can hold 4 kids!!!  I wish that all grocery stores had carts with this capability!  Anyways the boys and I needed a few things so we decided to go and try it out.  Our first stop was to grab some buns.  The lady behind the counter came out and asked if she could give the boys each a cookie, and who am I to say no to a cookie!  In this special cart two of the boys sit in a car that is attached to the front of the I can see the tops of their heads but not their faces. As we were making our way around the store people would look at the fellas and laugh, and say something like "oh my goodness are those triplets?"...but this is totally happens EVERWHERE we go!  When I got to the till I walked around the front of the cart and realized that people may have been laughing about a little more than the fact that there were three of them.  Nathan had cookie ALL over his face!!!  I did not have a camera with me (odd I know!) so I had to leave messy Nathan until we got home!  By the time we got home and I got the camera he had wiped quite a bit of the cookie off, but I think that you get the picture!!!


Twin Engines said...

A 4-kid cart?! That's incredible! We have got to see pics of that next time!

The McMahoonies said...

those cookies are HUGE!!! I guess they really want our kids to be quiet the WHOLE time we are shopping. LOL

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