Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Baby Worx!

So my Mom and I decided to enroll in the Baby Worx class at the Collicutt Center. I was super excited and somewhat nervous but everything went pretty good...other than the fact that as of now I feel like I may not be able to move tomorrow!

Here is Little Lucas at the Baby Worx class. He was really good for most of it but then started fussing a bit at the end...to be fair it was a little bit past his feed time!Here is Matty. He LOVED the Collicutt Center. He was awake and smiling for most of the class and then fell asleep at the end...running around the track wore him right out!

Here is Nate the Great! Since we can not put two carseats on the double stroller one of the little guys had to come out of their carseat and sit in the stroller...since Nathan is the oldest (hahaha) we decided to have him try it out...and he did GREAT!!! He pretty much slept the entire class!

Here we all are (Nathan is in laying down in the stroller so we could not get him in the picture) after the class! Next class Thursday...

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