Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Shovelling...chocolate chips!

Tonight after supper we went outside for awhile so the boys could shovel...they LOVE to shovel!!!  Here are some pics!

When we came inside we decided to make some cookies...the boys each pulled a chair up to the counter and started making chaos!  Before I knew it the 1kg bag of chocolate chips was dumped out onto the stove.  John rushed over to start cleaning up the mess...and I said "STOP, we need a picture".  So he stopped, I took a picture, and by the time we started "shovelling" them up they were melting all over the pre-heated stove!  Too Funny!

My three little loves helping make some cookies!  SO FUN!


Ami said...

Always the good blogger mom going for the camera first and the mess next! Love it!!

Twin Engines said...

Don't you just love that they've figured out how to drag the chairs everywhere!?!? Now nothing is safe!

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