Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Morning 2011

When we got up Christmas morning we noticed that one of Santa's sneaky little elves taped up the fellas door...probably to try and keep them in there!

Matty was the first one to the door...just like every other morning!
 He turned around to tell his bros something was up!  Nate got there right away...

and then Luc!

It was pretty funny watching them figure out how to get out :)

We packed up and went over to Grammy and Grandpa's house and Santa had left new shovels outside for each of my 4 boys!

And that was the last pic that got taken on Christmas day...things were crazy to say the least!  We were at my parents house, then out to John's parents house, and then back in town to my parents house again.  We shovelled, tobogganed and played on their new GIANT piano!!!  There was not one spare minute in our entire day!!  I hope everyone else also had a jam packed, WONDERFUL Christmas!

1 comment:

Donelda said...

Wow sounds like you had a great Christmas, we so enjoyed reading your blog.

Say hi to Aunty Dorothy and Uncle George.

Russ and Donelda

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