Monday, December 19, 2011

My Little Baking Buddy

Yesterday Nate and I had the chance to bake some cookies together.  We were all going to go outside but Nathan REFUSED to wear mittens so he and I stayed in, and did we ever have fun!

2 of my loves 
(yes I am referring to my BEAUTIFUL hot pink kitchen aid as a love :) hahaha)

Man do I ever LOVE this little guy (Nate...just to be clear)

Watching stuff get mixed up!

Scooping the flour

Adding the chocolate chips!

Cleaning the counters...he did this one all on his own, I usually leave that for John to do!

Watching the cookies bake!

What my other three boys were doing!

After we were done with the cookies Nater decided to put on his mitts and go play too!

Then we all came in and enjoyed a nice warm cookie!


Anonymous said...

That could be a storybook. Thanks for the cookies Nate. They were delicious.

Christa said...

I just love the fuzzy hair on the back of nathan's head! Just makes me wanna cuddle! And your little story makes me want to go outside and then come in to warm cookies. What a perfect day!

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