Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Our fellas turned 2 today...we are not quite sure how the last two years have gone by so unbelievably fast!  Our boys are so big, and so much fun.   Here are some picture of us celebrating the big day!

The boys woke up to a room full of balloons...they LOVED it!!!

A tired Matty Bear loving one of his balloons!

ooohhhh ba ba ba!

 They each grabbed a helium balloon and started running...and they didn't stop until breakfast!

Our 2 year old Matthew looking up at his balloon!

Our 2 year old Nathan making a face...

Our 2 year old Lucas posing for the camera!

Boys being boys

Nathan in his new Oilers hat



Next they had sprinkle donuts with a sparkler in them...

There were sprinkles EVERYWHERE!!!


And shorts...

A boy and his pup!

 Silly Lucas

Nathan stuffing in his last bite!

 The Kawaharas came over for a play at the park, and then after lunch Aunty stopped by with some cupcakes for the kiddos...

Matthew Owen

Lucas Christopher

Avery Renee

Nathan James

After cupcakes it was nap activities to follow!

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