Saturday, August 22, 2009

Bones' Last Days as an Only "Child"

Well we are now 2 days away from becoming parents and we are not quite sure how Bones will handle it. We have decided to make her last few days as an "only child" ones that she will remember . Anyone who knows us/her can tell you that she is most likely one of the most spoiled dogs EVER!!! We have given her a new toy each of the last three days (one from each of the boys) and she ripped through all of them in no time. Here are some pictures of how she spent the last few days hahaha!
Working hard at stuffing her soccer ball under the chair...look at that
tounge!! (and no it is not photoshopped)
Lounging with her favorite person...the bearded wonder! It is so funny to watch Bones snuggle into John's beard...I think that she is the only one that will miss it when it is gone!
Man do these two ever love to howl...I am not sure which one of them enjoys it more!
Here she is trying to hide her toys in the many dogs get a down duvet to bury their toys I said before...SPOILED!

And finally here she is out suntanning...whenever the sun comes out this little
dog wants to be in it!

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