Sunday, August 30, 2009

From Bathing Disaster to Bath Time Master...and some other things too!

I just want to start by thanking John for being such a WONDERFUL father to our boys.  He is so hands on and in love with our little guys that it just makes me SO PROUD!  There have been a few rough moments...John and the boys were not fans of bathtime the first time around.  By the time they had each had a bath and were ready for their second one, John was an expert and the boys seemed to enjoy it a little more!  Here are some pictures from the second bath (I missed the first one) to the most recent...and a few other things that have gone on in the last few days!

Here are some pictures from Matthew's first bath.  John's face looked the same as his!!!  It was super hard since it was the first time that we had heard him cry since the OR!
Just a few short days later here is John with Nathan and they both enjoyed the entire process.  The BEST part is when the bath is over we get some warm towels and wrap them up and give them a little cuddle...I think that John and I may like this part even better than they boys!
Look how HAPPY my two boys are at bathtime now!!
  SO relaxed that he did not even wake up while he was getting his hair done...I guess even babies like a little spa treatment!!!
Grandpa Alexander got hurt just two short days before the boys were born. The boys got to meet Grandpa Alexander on Thursday and they were VERY happy! (The boys and Grandpa!!!)
Grandpa meeting Matthew
Grandpa and Nana Alexander with Lucas...I think!
Here are a few pics that I have taken over the last couple days that I wanted to add in just because I LOVE THEM!!!
Aunty K feeding Nathan... AGAIN!!!  It seems like EVERY time she stops by it is time for Nathan to eat!!!
Lucas holding on to Grandpa Sinclair's thumb..these boys all love to hold onto fingers!!!  SO CUTE
Our 3 Boys finally together again!!!  Lucas and Nathan have been sleeping together on a heated waterbed for the last few days...look how happy Matthew is to be back with his brothers!  As soon as Lucas and Nathan get a little bit bigger they will all be able to stay in the same bed together!  It was so fun to see them all together, even though it was just for a quick picture!

Matthew's MASSIVE poop! When he got weighed the next day he had lost weight...maybe this is why!!!

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Anonymous said...

Our first bathing experiences were total disasters! It took me a month or more to not have tears at bath time. You guys are naturals!!! Mandi

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