Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Swimming Lessons

So this February the boys were in their first ever unparented swimming was GLORIOUS!!! It was beyond awesome to be able to get them in and out of the pool without having to be in a dripping wet swimsuit trying to wrangle them into their clothes!

The boys loved their lessons.  It was crazy fun to watch our big boys go off and be awesome all on their own!

Look, my hand is wet.

Our three big boys ready to head into the pool!

Dipping in their toes while they wait for their teacher!

My little Luc

My Matty Bear

My Nate Dogg

Splashing dudes

When they went into the pool with their teacher I went over to take some pics...and my battery died, so this is it for this set of lessons!  They did all pass though so we are signed up for salamander in may and I'll try to get more pics then :)

And they have had haircuts since this post...the battery is charging as I type so I'll try and get some pictures of the new cuts up soon!


Ami said...

Those are ADORABLE!! I can't believe how much they're growing up!! Such handsome little men, Stacey!

Christa said...

Awe! Such handsome lil guys! I can't wait for unparented lessons!! And I love how they have their initials "tatooed" on their arms lol!

Peter Weiderman said...

The trio looks adorable! It’s quite obvious that they were thrilled about this swimming lesson. How did it go? I hope they learned a lot and had fun in their sessions. Cheers!

Peter Weiderman @ Guardian Pools

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