Sunday, March 25, 2012

My Boys on the Bus

To say our three little guys LOVE busses would be an understatement, they seriously point out every single one they see, bus, yellow bus, big bus, daddy bus (just means big bus), baby bus, white bus, the list goes on!  So this morning John and I decided to take them for a ride on the bus.  When we told them what we were going to do they all frantically ran around and each found a toy bus, and we were ready to rock and roll!  

My 4 Guys waiting at the bus stop.

Lukers in total awe!

 Matthew thrilled to be on the bus!

Nate just taking it all in!

We filled 2 seats up!

I can't believe how big they are getting!

I love this one!

Daddy and the lizard.

Mommy, Matty, and Nate

Love these little hands, they held on tight for most of the ride!
 back row hands :)


Aunty K said...

oh my goodness - fave post ever!!! so freaking adorable, I could cry! If only I was that excited to take the bus hahahaha

Twin Engines said...

What a great idea! We never take the bus, but I suppose we could just for entertainment! How fun!

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