Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Ranch in the Rain!

So I mentioned a few posts back about how lazy I have been feeling about blogging, so the explanations about these pics will be short and sweet!

We drove to Heritage ranch

We got out and ran to the park

daddy and Luc walked

We played at the park

looked out the windows

practiced being cute

more practice

hung out with brothers

went down the slide

looked at the horses

nate picked me a flower, what a sweetie!

looked at some more horses

did some more walking/running/pointing!

picked some grass for the horses

not too much though. hahaha

walked with dad!

 convinced the horses to come and eat some grass

it worked!

Luc's turn

showing the horse that he has to open his mouth to eat the grass!


a small handful of grass that nate picked all by himself to feed the horse

then aunty gave him a bigger bunch...the horse liked that better!


and more giggles!

on the run again!

looking for a cat

stopping to bust a move...wish I had a video camera for this one :) 

5 of my favs!


beautiful aunty and Nathan

Always a fun time at the ranch!


Ami said...

That looks like so much fun!! I would love it if my kids could even just SEE grass so green! And your captions rocked! I thoroughly enjoyed your simplicity! :)

Kelsey said...

oh my gosh, amazing pics from a day at the ranch, they're so cute it makes me crazy!!

Tim and Darcy said...

Short and sweet...I like it! And sometimes great pics speak for themselves! These are definitely some of them :) Looks like fun!!!

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