Saturday, June 11, 2011

Our new cups...

I got this beautiful cup for my birthday a few weeks ago and I use it ALL THE TIME!  The problem is that the boys want to share it with me and they bite the straw...grrrr.

We found out that they had similar ones at superstore so we went to get some for the fellas.  When they woke up from their nap we gave them each their new cup and they LOVED them as much as I love mine!
Matthew with his...
(he loved the yellow one...until he saw the blue one and they he HAD to trade!)

Lucas spilled a little hahaha!

Discussing their new cups

Drinking out of the new cups!

I couldn't leave this one out, Luc's face is priceless, he really meant business!

They even tried to share their cups with Bones!  There are no pictures of Nathan because he was still napping, but he loves his cup too!


Christa said...

Too funny - I have a cup just like that from Starbucks and it goes everywhere with me! It's the only way I can get my daily water intake! And then I noticed your previous post and we also have the same bouncer... Weird!!! Boys sure are getting big... And SUPER cute!!

Ami said...

That's awesome! Your boys have good taste!!

Kelsey said...

This post makes me wanna sing Brittanys song from the glee finale - "My cup, My cup" haha

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