Thursday, July 18, 2013

Beach Bums

We have been spending a lot of our mornings at the beach lately.  The boys are finally to the point where I can sit down and enjoy all of the things we are out is AWESOME!!!

Two of my little blue jay fans!

They got new watering cans and they watered EVERYTHING...even the buckets!

One of the Beach Babes we have been spending some of our beach time with!

More bucket watering!

This seriously occupied A LOT of their time :)

The other beach babe!

My Nater James

My Matty Owen

look at the things I can now enjoy at the beach!  A Starbucks and a CHAIR!!!  I never thought I would see the day! hahaha

New Beach Balls...SO. MUCH. FUN!!!  Thanks beach friends!

My three little super heroes!

Just a little chill time before heading back out to play!

Bubble Attack!

Lucas thought the bubble attack was HILARIOUS!

Me and my little dudes, LOVE THEM TO PIECES!

1 comment:

Mommy to the power of three :) said...

Awesome pictures! I gotta start making the trek out to Gull with my littles in the morning - it looks quiet and fun :)

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