Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Trip to see the DINOS!!!

Last Wednesday John and I packed up our littles and headed down to Drumheller to check out the R.T.M.

This was what the back of the qx looked like for the majority of the drive down...Luc and Nate asleep, and Matty being SUPER silly!

We knew we were on the right track when we hit DINOSAUR TRAIL!  Awesome!

A quick bite to eat and then we were ready to head in!

The one and only shot that we got inside the museum...had to use my iphone!

After the museum we headed to the splash park...

 and then ventured over to the fountain!

Last but not least we spotted the biggest dino in the world, the boys LOVED it!

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Aunty K said...

what a fun day!!!

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