Monday, August 6, 2012

Long Weekend Fun!

The boys and I had a long weekend full of fun, poor daddy had to work :(

We did the beach Saturday, and then Sunday Naters and I went boating with the Mandrusiaks (Luc and Matty had a fun time with papa)...SO MUCH FUN!!!

Me, Nat and our little dudes!


Me and my Nater tot!

I had to bribe him with ice cream to get him to jump in the water with me!

Sunday my dad, sister, the boys and I went back out to sylvan to go boating with Aunty Sue and Uncle Greg, another super fun morning!

Matty driving with uncle Greg

SO happy!

Me with Matty...and Luc covered up under the towel...towards the end of the trip he spent most of his time under there :)

Nathan's turn to drive...this was right at the end and he fell asleep at the wheel! hahaha

Me and matty, I love this little guy!

The boys were quite interested in uncle Greg's sunscreen application...the only time the three of them were in the same shot! hahaha

John got home from work and we headed out golfing with the I said before, it was a weekend full of fun!

Not sure what's going on here...looks like I am about to attack something with my club...too many episodes of power rangers for this mama!
  me and my man!
Me and Chrissy

Thanks to everyone that sent me pics for this post...Aunty K, Papa, Nat, Aunty Sue, Johnny, and Chrissy...a real team effort :)

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Tim and Darcy said...

Wow! That does look like a weekend of fun! Us mammas deserve it ;)

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