Monday, September 5, 2011

Jungle Farm 2011

When the boys woke up from their nap on Saturday we decided to head out to the jungle farm, we had a blast!

Family shot on the wagon ride over to all of the fun!

The boys heading in to play with the balls, they loved it!

I love Nathan's expression in this one!

They were bouncing ALL over the place and there was one little puddle...Luc managed to land in it!

Next up was the bale maze.  The boys raced around it like crazy!

Our three little loves!

Break time!

They also had some animals to look at.  The goat was bullying the two sheep...they did manage to break through to the next pen!

Daddy and his boys doing duck races

Our little Nate riding the bull!

Matthew has got him by the horns.

Lucas making it look easy.

Then they tried the real saddle...

Good form!

Matthew decided he would rather run to the park!

Daddy and his guys!

Then we caught the wagon over to the pumpkin patch!

Nate, Luc, and our pumpkin!

Matthew trying to pick it was heavier than he thought it was going to be!

Because we were the last ones there, the farmer let each of the boys have a turn on the tractor!  They LOVED it!

Lucas Christopher

Nathan James
(he was trying to get it into gear!)

Matthew Owen

Luc and the pumpkin on the way back

Then the boys found some bike/car thingys to ride around on...

Good team work!
We had so much fun that we may just have to find a time to go back again before halloween!

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