Tuesday, May 3, 2011

TP towers

Today John and I were in the kitchen, and all of a sudden there were not babies...a rare occurrence because they are usually all over us when we are in the kitchen.  We looked over and saw them building towers with rolls of TP.

So focused!

we had a few samples at costco...Nate still had some on his face :)

2 stacked!


and knocked over!

working together!

and again with the knocking over...this was their favorite part!

This looks like a super leaning tower but it was a freestanding one until that fourth roll was put on top!

1 comment:

Ami said...

Hmmm....looks to me like we might be seeing an "Alexander Brothers Architecture" Firm in a few years...Not a bad gig! Now I totally want to go give my kids all of our toilet paper rolls to play with! Except that they are not individually wrapped....can you just imagine the disaster THAT would be? :)

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