Sunday, May 22, 2011

Toddler Proofing

When the boys started crawling we babyproofed...but since then we have had to toddler proof...and it has been a MUCH bigger challenge!  Duct tape has become our BEST friend...we should seriously consider buying some stock in the company that makes it!  The other day when Keith came over he was looking around and all of a sudden said "man, that's a lot of duct tape".  I thought that I should blog some of the things we have done so that we never forget (actually one of my friends thought I should :)), so here it goes!

Every single door and cupboard in our house is locked shut...seriously every one!  We have over 25 of these type of locks up in our house.  The second that we leave one open the boys open the drawer and start emptying it out...which would be fine for some of the drawers, but too many of them have things that have potential to hurt the fellas...even our "tupperware" is glass :( !

The Oven - has to be taped shut because otherwise they just open 'er up, and climb on in!

The dishwasher...same as the oven!

The chairs at the table - If they are not taped tucked in, the boys whip them out and hop up and dance on the table...they seem to want to do this most when I am in the other room changing someone else's diaper!

Front hall closet - this is part our fault because the door is broken so it swings requires duct tape and fasteners to keep it shut!

Downstairs bar fridge - those little fellas already think they like beer :)

The BBQ - yes we even have things taped outside!

and finally, my masterpiece! It took numerous attempts on this one to get it just right, and yes I am proud of it!

Some of you out there may think that this is a bit extreme but unless you have 3 - 21 month olds running around and getting into EVERYTHING, ALL THE TIME, don't judge! hahaha, these extremes help keep us sane!  

The scariest part of it all is that they are starting to be able to just peel the duct tape and sometimes they can open the locks...


Joelee said...

No judging from our end - I totally get it!!! My best tactic is gates, I gate off every room that we aren't in :) If somebody stole them, I would resort to duct tape in a second - love it!

Ami said...

Stacey, This is the best thing I've seen in long time! Absolutely hysterical. And those of us with triplets are grinning right along with you! It's amazing what they think to get into isn't it? I think my favorite of your duct taping jobs are the table and chairs. Hilarious!! More power to you!!

Twin Engines said...

No judging here! Although I have just two, I can only imagine the extremes one more would force me to take!

Kelsey said...

Aunty-proof too, I have problems with most of those! haha

Tiifany said...

hahahaha oh boy this post made me laugh. you should truly win an award for that fireplace. absolutely amazing. and hilarious. stock up on the goo gone for when the "getting into everything" phase is over ;)

Anonymous said...

that was supposed to say Tiffany.

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