Tuesday, September 2, 2014


OH MY GOODNESS!!!  Where has the time gone.  It feels like just yesterday we were bringing the boys home and now we are sending them off to kindergarten...on a bus.  Kinda hard to let someone we just met drive away with our entire world!!!  All these pictures were from this morning, what I didn't get pictures of was meeting them at the school and watching them get off the bus...like such big boys!  Then we got to walk them into their room, find their hooks, and get started being kindergarten kids!  Totally Crazy!  Anyways the boys loved their morning, they did all kinds of fun things and couldn't wait to tell us about it, their favorite was reading a book about a racoon, and the racoon even brought them cookies, but he was so fast nobody saw him!!!  They can't wait to go back :)

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Kim and Steve said...

Mine went this week, too. "drive away with your whole world, " UM YEAH! Love to you!

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