Sunday, December 29, 2013

Skating turned Tobogganing...

Although my parents splitting up has been hard, we are all lucky to have some new wonderful people in our lives.  Today John, the boys and I spent the day with some of those people.

Today we packed up the boys to head out to Don's brother's family's farm to go skating but the roads were TERRIBLE so we turned around and decided to go tobogganing instead.

Mom, Don and Kelli met us at the hill, and we had a wonderful time...well mostly wonderful, you can ask John how his tobogganing ended for he day if you want more details! hahaha)

The troops making a plan on how they are going to head down!

A couple trial runs...

and then the races were on!

 me and Matty heading down!

Kelli and Don took the early lead on this one :)

Our little Naters

Grammy and Luc

Nate was really turning it on for the camera today!

My Fav big guy!!!

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