Sunday, May 6, 2012

Picnic with the Roys

The sun FINALLY came back today and we headed down to Rotary Park for a picnic.

Getting all set-up!

Trying to get into the cheezies!

The only second that all 4 kiddos were sitting at the table.

The boys LOVED the slidey back and forth thingy!  I could not believe how long they could hold on for!

Lex and Lukers

The five of us all within picture range :)

My three little dudes!

Lex and Matty

Lexie peeking through the climber!

After the park we went on a walk...I mean RUN!

Watching the water

The four loves of my life!

The four kiddos leading the way!

Although our sit down picnic did not last for long we had lots of fun, and we are looking forward to many more picnics over the summer!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Fun pic's Stace!! I am just wondering if you photoshoped Lexie leading the pack on the walk? Pretty sure she was doggin it in the back the whole time! haha Special thanks to Luke for trying to wait for her!


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