Tuesday, February 21, 2012

hockey hockey hockey

Anyone who knows John and I knows that we are pretty big Oilers fans...but what some of you may not know is that it has already rubbed off on the boys!  One of the first words they all said was hockey...and they say it all the time now!  I just wanted to get a few "hockey" stories down so that I don't ever forget them!

My dad, sister and I took the boys to watch one of John's hockey games awhile back and they tell me about it ALL the time now!  "mommy hockey, anya hockey, papa hockey, daddy hockey, ella no hockey, puppy no hockey" - translation - mommy went to hockey, aunty went to hockey, papa went to hockey, daddy played hockey, fella did not go to hockey, and bones did not go to hockey.  

They also call their jersey's "hockey".  When they see a hockey game on tv they all want their jerseys on...like right now!  They are fairly impatient when it comes to getting them on.

Nathan said his first "sentence" the other day...and you guessed it, it had to do with hockey!  The Roys were coming over to watch the game a couple of weeks ago so John had brought out all the jerseys, and I was in the kitchen getting some snackies ready.  John put the boys' jerseys on and his jersey on and left mine on the banister so I could put it on when I was done in the kitchen.  Nate got my jersey, came over to me, grabbed my black hoodie and said "black off, mommy hockey on".  SO CUTE!  This talking thing is SO FUN!!!

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Twin Engines said...

So cute! And so glad you're back! was getting a little concerned that you hadn't blogged in so long. P.S., by the way, we're seriously considering the name Lucas for Three. Hope you don't mind....

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