Sunday, November 29, 2009

One Last November Post

So I decided to do one last post for the month of November. So here are some pictures that I LOVE that for some reason or another never got posted!
Little Lucas snuggled up in his carseat and new touque!Naked tummy time! Matthew and Nathan can now both roll over from their tummys to their backs. Matthew did it for the first time on Friday morning and Nathan on Saturday morning...I am sure that Lucas is not far behind!

Nathan being cute!

Little Lucas all cozy!
New these little feet!
Baby Train!
Dad and Matty in their striped polos!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Happy 83rd Birthday GG-Pa Braham!

So my morning today started off not so great...I was so excited to go and celebrate my G-pas birthday that apparently I could not wait for the garage door to get all the way open and I hit it as I was backing are some pics!Look how close I was to getting out!

Luckily Steve, Keith and my Dad came to my rescue...the garage door sounds better opening now than it did before! Thanks Guys!

Finally we arrive at the G-Units! Hard to believe, but this is the first time the boys have been to my parents house...I guess why would we go over there when they are always with us at our house :)

The boys LOVE to kick at Grammy and Grampa's house!

Birthday Beer for the Birthday Boy!

GG-ma watching the boys kick away!

G-ma making mimosas...the perfect breakfast drink!

Aunty K and the boys

Great Uncle Dave (GUD...maybe we won't abbreviate this one hahaha) and Cale hanging out in the kitchen.

We ALWAYS tease GG-pa about the Charlie Brown Christmas trees that he picks this year we got him the "Official" Charlie Brown Christmas Tree...soooo cute!

GG-pa and his tree!

Me and My Grandpa!

Here is Bones absolutley loving her big bed!
Dad was cleaning up after breakfast and he said "Man do I miss John...I think I may even miss him more than Stacey"! (for those of you who do not know John well he ALWAYS cleans up after a meal no matter where he is!)

Monday, November 23, 2009

The Littlest Ziffler

So I will start off by explaining that "ziffling" is a word that my mom made up to describe the wiggling of the boys...and it gets used ALL THE TIME!!!
So the other night when I got up to feed Lucas he needed new pjs. So I got him out of his old ones, redressed him, fed him, burped him and put him back to bed. When I woke up in the morning and went to get him out of bed this picture is what I saw...I knew that I was tired but I could not believe that I didn't remember to dress him...turns out he did get his new pjs on and had just "ziffled" out of them! the blanket was still in a full swaddle around the pjs and there he was out of the swaddle and out of his pjs!a minute or so later he had gotten one leg out...

and then the other!

Friday, November 20, 2009

one of these things is NOT like the others...

Today the boys had their first playdate with their little friend Luke Gavey. Here they are kicking around!Bones has really started to be more interested in the boys the last couple of days, I asked mom to take a picture of Matthew laying on Bones...too bad my head got cut off, I even had make-up on today!

Last night we had the boys hang out together a little bit before bed...I think that they calmed each other down because Nathan slept 6.5 hours, Lucas 8, and Matthew 9.5...fingers crossed this technique will work for tonight too!

The boys loved meeting Megan yesterday, they loved to look at her and talk to cute!

Here is Matty having a little nap on the cuddle chair...he looks SOOO tiny!

Friday, November 13, 2009

A few pictures from the last week or so

I LOVE this picture of Kels and Nathan. By the end of the night last night we were all pretty tired...we were ALL napping on the couches!The boys were having a little naked time...

Look at those big blue eyes!

Just hanging out on the cuddle chair!

Dad and his boys

Luc and Nate happy in their striped pjs!

Matthew and Bennett exchanging glances...SO CUTE!

Bones waiting at the door for John to come home!
Me and my babies!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Last Saturday morning we all (everyone in the picture) went to the protest that was held in Red Deer against healthcare and education cuts. GG-ma had to wait 78 years to attend her first protest and the boys only had to wait 11 weeks!Here is a picture of all the people that were there. They had everyone crowded around a stage to give a little pep talk before the walk!

Here is GAK leading the way!

Just a look at the train of people that were on the walk.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Top 40

So we have made the top 40 in the photo contest. This time to vote all you have to do is click on the vote for me link on the right hand side of this page and then when you get to the page all the entries are down the right hand side and you just click #31!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Photo Contest

I have entered the "Superboys" into a photocontest and the first round of voting has begun...if you would like to check out all of the photos entered click here. If you would like to vote for us you just need to email and say that you would like to vote for #44. You are allowed to vote once per email address. If we make the top 40 I will let you know about the next round of voting. Thanks :)

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Baby Worx!

So my Mom and I decided to enroll in the Baby Worx class at the Collicutt Center. I was super excited and somewhat nervous but everything went pretty good...other than the fact that as of now I feel like I may not be able to move tomorrow!

Here is Little Lucas at the Baby Worx class. He was really good for most of it but then started fussing a bit at the be fair it was a little bit past his feed time!Here is Matty. He LOVED the Collicutt Center. He was awake and smiling for most of the class and then fell asleep at the end...running around the track wore him right out!

Here is Nate the Great! Since we can not put two carseats on the double stroller one of the little guys had to come out of their carseat and sit in the stroller...since Nathan is the oldest (hahaha) we decided to have him try it out...and he did GREAT!!! He pretty much slept the entire class!

Here we all are (Nathan is in laying down in the stroller so we could not get him in the picture) after the class! Next class Thursday...

Sunday, November 1, 2009


Here are our little supermen!
Super Nathan

Super Matthew

Super Lucas
(although he looks a little more like dracula)

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